Our goal is to help you meet your desired goals as quickly as possible, so you can get on with your new healthy, happy life. You will usually be scheduled for 1-3 sessions, and most people respond well to hypnosis in the first one. However, individual results will vary.

Our professional office is conducive to relaxation, and your sense of comfort is one of our greatest concerns. If you have ever been to a counseling, therapy or psychology office, you will notice the surroundings at Bangor Hypnosis Clinic are fairly similar.

When you come into the office you will sit in a comfortable chair and discuss your goals with your hypnotherapist. Once the two of you agree on the subjects to be addressed during the session, the hypnotherapist will then guide you through a relaxing process of creative problem solving and education. The office lights may be dimmed but they are always on, and although most people find it easiest to relax with their eyes closed, you can open your eyes at any time you wish.